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Spring Cleaning (aka Shopping) March 17, 2010

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I am in full swing with my spring cleaning… if by cleaning you mean shopping.  I believe in spring cleaning as far as it extends to lovingly folding my sweaters away for next winter and reviving my wardrobe with some fresh spring picks.  Here’s a peek at what’s on my shopping (and beauty) list for spring.  As I check them off, I’ll fill in the “where to buy” details:

  1. The perfect shade of coral/orange nail polish.  – Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in Orange Sunset.  Surprisingly shiny.
  2. I want to dye my hair red.  (I’m obsessed with Grace’s hair from the Mentalist.)
  3. Cropped safari jacket  Amazing Steal!  Forever 21, $15.  I get endless compliments on this jacket.  It makes absolutely everything look “this season”.  Next outfit… olive green mini dress with this jacket and black booties.
  4. Lace up booties
  5. Anything lavender
  6. White skinny jeans
  7. White boyfriend blazer – Amazing Steal! Target (Merona) for only $29, complete with pinstripe lining for rolling up your sleeves.  I have a very long torso and small bust, and I have endless trouble finding blazers.  I’m getting this one taken in a teeny bit in the body, but I’m still blown away by the cut and the price.
  8. Striped tees, aviator shades, wrap hoodies, anything that I could wear on a yacht in a JCrew ad.

March Playlist March 1, 2010

  1. No One Could Change Your Mind – The Generationals
  2. The Poison – The All-American Rejects
  3. Her Name is Alice – Shinedown
  4. Follow Me Down (feat. Neon Hitch) – 3OH!3
  5. Welcome to Mystery – Plain White T’s
  6. Tea Party – Kerli
  7. Baddass – Black Robot
  8. Kill Me Carolyn – The Whigs
  9. Polaroids and Red Wine – Jaguar Love
  10. Hug the Harbour – Emma Pollock
  11. Lay Back Down – Eric Lindell
  12. New in Town – Little Boots
  13. Don’t Hold Your Breath – Athlete
  14. The Unknown – Athlete
  15. Like Boom – Vita Chambers
  16. Phones Don’t Feud – Holiday Shores
  17. Violet Hour – Sea Wolf
  18. 11th Dimension – Julian Casablancas
  19. Rhinestone Eyes – Gorillaz
  20. 1901 – Phoenix
  21. Lloyd, I’m Ready to Be Heartbroken – Camera Obscura
  22. If Looks Could Kill – Camera Obscura
  23. French Navy – Camera Obscura
  24. Le Disko – Shiny Toy Guns
  25. Falling Down – Space Cowboy
  26. I Go to the Barn Because I Like the – Band of Horses
  27. Creepshow – Kerli
  28. Animal – Neon Trees
  29. Dancing – Standard Fare
  30. Beautiful Day – Kerli
  31. High Heels – Kinnie Starr
  32. Solitary Gun – Rogue Wave
  33. This Too Shall Pass – Ok Go
  34. Old Hollywood – Julian Casablancas
  35. It Is What It Is – Lifehouse
  36. Here Tomorrow Gone Today – Lifehouse
  37. Wrecking Ball – Lifehouse
  38. I Will Live on Islands – Josh Rouse
  39. Swim Until You Can’t See Land – Frightened Rabbits
  40. Nothing Like You – Frightened Rabbits
  41. Not Miserable – Frightened Rabbits
  42. Beat the Devil’s Tatto – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
  43. Conscience Killer – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
  44. Mama Taught Me Better – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
  45. River Styx – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
  46. I Don’t Even Care About the One I Love – The Whigs
  47. Long Goodbye – The Nadas

Proenza Schouler Neon Bags February 4, 2010

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Nothing says summer like neon.  My current obsession is the oval neon bags from Proenza Schouler.  They’re compact, but will still function as an everyday bag… but with a little more sass.  I love the versatility of the shoulder strap and the shorter hand strap.  Plus, they’re just fun.  This is my pick for everyone who loves bright colors and celebrating summer!

Proenza SchoulerProenza SchoulerProenza SchoulerProenza Schouler


Frey Wille

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Frey WilleVienna is for lovers.  Jewelry lovers, that is.  Frey Wille is the best thing to come out of Austria sinceFrey WilleVienna Sausages (?!  Ok, maybe he’s best thing to come out of Vienna period).  His jewelry can truly be considered an art.  On first glance, his colorful enamel creations look like Vera Bradley and Banana Republic teamed up for a new project.  The fanciful patterns and bold styles are reminiscent of the mod designs of the 60’s, but also take on a vintage feel, especially with the Venise collection.  You’ll fall in love instantly if your look is bohemian or preppy.

Frey Wille has a global and cultural focus, including collections inspired by history from all over the world, like the Poseidon and Sphinx collections.  These mythical elements only add to the fun.  Frey WilleFrey Wille


February Playlist February 3, 2010

  1. Game Over – V.V. Brown
  2. Crystal Village – Pete Yorn
  3. Backwards Walk – Frightened Rabbit
  4. Wait It Out – Imogen Heap
  5. Shark In the Water – V.V. Brown
  6. It’s the Weekend – Andrew Friendly
  7. Answer to Yourself – The Soft Pack
  8. Cynthia – Millionyoung
  9. World Behind My Wall – Tokio Hotel
  10. Amarillion – Datarock
  11. Merrymaking At My Place – Calvin Harris
  12. Bizarre Love Triangle – Sennen
  13. Plans & Reveries – Black Gold
  14. A Beautiful Mine – Rjd2
  15. Idols – Black Gold
  16. Drop Those Legs – The Recital
  17. Alice – Avril Lavigne
  18. Rose Garden – Nick Jonas & the Administration
  19. Bottles – V.V. Brown
  20. Conspiracy – Nick Jonas & the Administration
  21. Rats – U.S. Royalty
  22. Where Are You Now – U.S. Royalty
  23. Upper East Side – Experimental Aircraft
  24. With a Gun – Experimental Aircraft
  25. Meet Me on Echo Echo Terrace – Experimental Aircraft
  26. Set Fire to the Third Bar – Snow Patrol feat. Martha Wainwright
  27. What’s the Attitude? – Cut Chemist feat. Hymnal
  28. Everything Is New – Jack Penate
  29. One Life Stand – Hot Chip
  30. Midnight – The Watson Twins
  31. Harpeth River – The Watson Twins
  32. Move Along – The Soft Pack
  33. Pot Kettle Black – Tilly and the Wall
  34. Morning Light – Smoke Fairies
  35. Call It a Day – The Soft Pack
  36. If You Were Here – Cary Brothers
  37. Have a Good Sleep – Hot Hot Heat
  38. O.N.E. – Yeasayer
  39. Rome – Yeasayer
  40. Eternally Missed – Muse
  41. Crying Shame – Muse
  42. Pull My Heart Away – Jack Penate
  43. Rocket – Goldfrapp
  44. The High Road – Broken Bells
  45. Self Preservation – AM
  46. Action/Reaction – Choir of Young Believers
  47. Savin’ You – The Watson Twins
  48. To Feel Love – Butterfly Boucher
  49. Fox on the Run – The Academy Is…
  50. Beat Control – Tilly and the Wall
  51. Holdin’ Steady – Shelly Fraley
  52. Oblivious – Samantha Stollenwerck
  53. Carefree – Samantha Stollenwerck
  54. Glass – Ross Copperman
  55. Symphonies – Dan Black
  56. Yours – Dan Black
  57. Rain Down On Me – Santana feat. Dave Matthews
  58. One Fine Morning – Santana
  59. Inside These Lines – Trent Dabbs
  60. Look Back On – Trent Dabbs
  61. Still Alive – Lisa Miskovsky
  62. Electra 33 – Sophe Lux
  63. President – Sophe Lux
  64. God Doesn’t Take American Express – Sophe Lux
  65. My Heart, Your Hands – Dommin
  66. No Time – The Heavy
  67. Oh No!  Not You Again! – The Heavy
  68. Blow Me Away – Breaking Benjamin
  69. Ghosts – Laura Marling

* Can I just add that I am OBSESSED with the entire album Travelling Like the Light from V.V. Brown.  Best $6 you will ever spend.

*  Surprisingly, (since I am not 14), I love the new album by Nick Jonas & the Administration.  Part John Mayer, part Michael Jackson, and part awesome.

*The Watson Twins album Talking to Me, Talking to You is phenomenal.  Every song is my new favorite, until I listen to the next one.  This album has a song for whatever mood you’re in.  It will be playing on repeat for the next few months I assure you.

*Surprise of the month has to be Jack Penate.  His album is truly a fresh sound, which I like to think of as British Disco Reggae.  He makes me happy.


I Shop, Therefore I Am January 17, 2010

I just discovered Vivre.com and I’ve spent hours looking at absolutely EVERYTHING.  Its extremely unique, and sometimes random collections remind me of an upscale Anthropologie.  Looking through the website is like discovering the exquisite pieces from a lifetime of world travels in an archaeologist’s home.

Sterling Apollo Brooch Patricia von Musulin

Sterling Apollo Brooch Patricia von Musulin

Silver Log Ring Daphna Simon

Silver Log Ring Daphna Simon

Vermeil and Green Enamel Ring Asha by ADM

Vermeil and Green Enamel Ring Asha by ADM

Agate Geode and Diamond Ring Lotus Arts de Vivre

Agate Geode and Diamond Ring Lotus Arts de Vivre











 The collection of jewelry completely blows my mind.  I’ve never seen so many unique pieces.  If you’re stumped for a gift for anyone, this is the place to go.  I also love the home decor section and the library category.  This website is the antidote to a cookie cutter shopping experience.  If standing out from the crowd is your fashion mantra, you’ll be right at home here.

The shop boasts some of my favorite designers, like Matthew Williamson and Aurelie Bidermann.  This is the perfect place to find fun travel items, scarves, unique home accessories, and anything else you might be searching for.


Music Bliss

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Kate VoegeleWhat happens when your favorite singer covers your favorite band of all time?  I believe its known as Music Bliss.  I experienced this phenomenon when Kate Voegele released her cover of Muse’s Starlight on her iTunes live session last week.

I am usually not a celebrity stalker, but I’ve been a fan of One Tree Hill since the first episode.  I’ve reached that point where I refer to the characters by their first names and talk about them like we’re friends.  I will shamelessly admit that my roommate and I followed Kate Voegele around Florida for a weekend, and watched her perform live two nights in a row, in Orlando and St. Pete.  Unlike most singers, she’s even better live.  I actually got to meet her, and I babbled like a starstruck 14 year old.  (She said she liked my shirt!)  It was, without a doubt, the best weekend of our lives.  Muse

My brother introduced me to Muse, and for that I will be forever grateful.  We’ve almost worn out both our copies of The Resistance and we’re still not tired of it.  We’ve never seen Muse live, but we’ve decided we will gladly pay an arm and a leg to see them next time they come.I would also like to add that Supermassive Black Hole is my favorite song of all time.  Seriously, do you not feel cooler after listening to that song?  I wish I could have that song playing every time I walk into a room in slow motion with a wind machine pointed at me.  (Since that happens a lot…)

Needless to say, you can only imagine my excitement when I listened to Kate Voegele’s version of Starlight.  Go listen to it.  You can thank me later.