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Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Boots December 11, 2009

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I think I’m finally learning my lesson.  The more I make fun of something, the more I end up loving it in the end.  My three prime examples:  Ugg Boots, Twilight, and Blogging.  I used to mercilessly make fun of girls who wore Ugg boots with their mini skirts, people who read Twilight *rolling my eyes*, and people who wrote blogs (seriously?  are you that tortured?)  I will now proudly confess that I not only own furry boots, but I actually slept in them once, I am Team Edward, and I have been writing blog posts all weekend.

Life can be surprising.  So in the future, I am going to continue mocking people who follow silly trends until they become a worldwide phenomenon and then I’ll join in, but only because I don’t like being left out.

KIDDING!  I am going to let life surprise me right out of my Uggs and into something new!


One Response to “Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Boots”

  1. sillily Says:

    I totally know what you mean! I guess the people that start the trends are the less cowardly, the one’s that are not afraid of being the odd one out for a while lol I was always the coward. I love my boots and I actually just started wearing the heel ones lol. And I just finished reading Twilight, I am also Team Edward! Isn’t he just gorgeous!?

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