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Green Leather Riding Boots December 11, 2009

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Green Dolce Vita Riding Boots When something good comes into your life, you can’t just let it pass you by.  You have to take the  opportunity and hold on to it.  For me that something was a pair of dark green leather Dolce Vita  riding boots.  I saw them on Urban Outfitters and I didn’t buy them, and now I fear they are gone  forever.

Flat riding boots are the ideal footwear.  They are comfortable enough to walk from one end of the  mall to the other, but stylish enough to wear with dresses, pants, skirts, *insert your favorite  piece of clothing here*.  These boots are the perfect shade of  hunter green to break up the endless  line of black and brown boots while still acting as a  neutral that can be paired with almost  anything.

Here’s to hoping they’ll make like true love and come back to me since I let them go!


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