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Harem Pants December 11, 2009

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Robert Rodriguez Harem Pants

I feel a “what was I thinking?!” fashion moment coming on, but I really want a pair of harem pants.  An item such as harem pants is the true test of style, because they can be very right, or very, very, VERY wrong.  I don’t want to be compared to MC Hammer, or have anyone wonder if I’m wearing a diaper.

I think my happy medium lies in the new style of “paper bag” trousers, that are wider (but not too wide) through the thigh, skinnier at the ankle, and usually have a high waist or belt to make them look pulled together and not schlumpy.  Urban Outfitters came through for me once again with these trousers by Robert Rodriguez.

Fashion Bonus:  They’ll show off my shoes!


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