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Poison Ring December 11, 2009

I’ve read my share of old-fashioned spy novels, so I was thrilled to see that the poison ring is back!  While I may not have many people to poison, these rings invoke all the glamour, intricacy, and secrecy of a beautiful spy at a medieval banquet.  Or The Princess Bride.  Take your pick.   Wendy Brandes Poison RingWendy Brandes gave her Nefertiti Poison Ring (shown here) a modern makeover with sleek gold and the electric blue I’ve had a crush on all season.  While I cannot condone toting poison around in your jewelry, the secret compartment in this ring is perfect for a private engraving, a signature scent, or passing notes to your sweetie old school style.  I’m not carrying around any national secrets, but I’m always up for a little mystery.

Ramses Christian Jacq Pink Carnation Lauren Willig

PS.  If you’re looking for more spies and poison, I would recommend the Regency-era Pink Carnation Series by Lauren Willig, or the ancient Egyptian mysteries of the Ramses series by Christian Jacq.


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