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Furry Vest December 13, 2009

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American Eagle Furry VestRachel Zoe can rock the furry vest like no other.  She’s made it one of her signature looks and IRachel Zoe Furry Vest just love this one from American Eagle.

Some can look like bath mats, but this one is soft and touchable and will make people want to hug you when you’re wearing it.  Its perfect layered over plaid shirts and hoodies for a comfy winter look.  Be sure to limit yourself to one furry piece at a time.  You will look like a wookie if you pile on a furry vest, furry boots, and a furry hat.

PS.  Merry Christmas to me!  I found this vest under my Christmas tree yesterday (thanks Mom!) and I can’t wait to wear it.  The fact that my dad and brothers make Chewbacca noises every time they see it do not lessen my love for it at all!  (Boys just don’t get fashion…)


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