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Vampire Weekend December 15, 2009

Vampire WeekendAs much as I love Edward, I’m all excited for a vampire of a different kind.  Vampire Weekend will be releasing their much anticipated sophomore album, Contra, January 12, 2010.  Their delightfully different sound usually conjures up images of old fashioned Ivy League boys in preppy outfits, but also makes me think of Dr. No.  James Bond might give Edward a run for his money, but that’s another topic for another post.  Dr. No is set in the Kingston, Jamaica of the 1960’s, which lends itself to the old fashioned, islandy feel of the music.

Vampire Weekends hails from Columbia University, so I got the Ivy League part right, but their influence is more South African than Jamaican.  (I shouldn’t have painted my nails through geography…)  Either way, these boys know how to keep me coming back for more.  Check out their new single Cousins while you wait for the album release;  it’ll put you in the mood.

Bonus question:  Are there any Oxford Commas in this post?


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