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Is it Possible to be too Fashionable? December 26, 2009

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Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe

I believe fashion is all about personal expression and developing your own sense of style.  I also believe that the way you dress greatly influences the way you feel about yourself, the way you carry yourself, and they way others perceive you and treat you.  So I must ask the question, “Is it possible to be too fashionable?”

Sonia Rykiel

Sonia Rykiel

I face the daily battle of balancing what I want to wear with what is appropriate for my life.  Let’s face it, I’d run around in a pink tulle ballgown and motorcycle boots everyday if I could.  I love extreme fashion and wearing something a little daring.  However, I am a young and I have an office job.  Platform booties, printed tights, and dark nail polish don’t exactly project the image to my boss that I am mature, responsible, and very business-minded.  And while I believe the color of my nail polish and the height of my heels do not impact my intellectual abilities, the business world is largely about perception.  Its still very possible to show off your personal style at work.  My work wardrobe consists of pencil skirts, ruffled button downs, embellished cardigans, and patent leather pumps.

My coworkers consistently comment that I dress up too much, but I’ve found as a young woman trying to make a good impression, I’m taken more seriously when I look polished.  (Unless you’re a personal trainer, ditch the hoodies at work, girls.)  Plus, dressing up is FUN.  Try this:  next time you’re having a blah day, put on a pretty dress, wear sparkly earrings, or do something special with your hair.  I guarantee you will instantly feel better.

Rachel Zoe is one of my fashion icons.  She is absolutely fearless.  She will rock big hair, furry vests, loud prints and pile on the accessories.  For now, only the lucky girls in the fashion industry can wear party dresses to work every day if they feel like it, and experiment with huge bows, strong shoulders, cascading ruffles, and architectural shoes.  They don’t need the “Runway to Realway” articles.  I would love to take the couture right off the catwalk and into my cubicle.  I would love to let my mood, and not a dress code, dictate my outfit.  That’s the world I some day want to live in.


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