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Statement Necklaces December 26, 2009

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Express Charm NecklaceOne of my favorite new trends is the statement necklace.  I walked past Express and saw this fantastic necklace on a mannequin and immediately fell in love.  If I were a necklace, I would be this one.  Its got the perfect mix of ladylike pearls, tough chains, whimsical silk flowers, bright gems, and delicate gold charms.  It represents every facet of my personality and is appropriate for any mood I’m in.  Alas, the price tag didn’t quite fit into my budget.  I lusted after it even more after I saw it in a magazine and finally went back to the store to get it.  The last one in the store was on the mannequin, and didn’t have a price tag.  I asked about the price, crossing my fingers that it would be on sale.  I could have kissed the guy behind the counter when he fished a price tag out of the mannequin’s bag that was 60% off the original price.  I skipped out of the store ecstatic, clutching my treasure, and its been my favorite necklace ever since.  Anthropologie has a wonderful assortment of statement necklaces as well.  Some of my favorites are shown below.  They are the perfect way to make a white t-shirt look extra special.  I usually mine with a simple top or dress to show them off.

Statement Necklaces


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