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I’m Like A Bird December 27, 2009

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Fossil Bird Necklace


My new favorite accessory is this bird necklace by Fossil.  (I found it at Dillards, they have amazing jewelry sales!)  I’m really into rose gold right now because it looks a little vintage-y and its a nice change from plain gold or silver.

I absolutely love Fossil jewelry.  It’s always sparkly, fresh, and the kind of pieces I picture myself wearing when I’m on a ranch in Arizona with the wind whipping my perfectly tousled curls while I pose with my perfectly bronzed skin and a white button down shirt, designer jeans, and cowboy boots.  (Way to go Fossil marketing!)

They’re the best “oh, I just threw this on, but it looks great, because I only own fashionable things” accessories.  And since I’m not going to be starring in any Abercrombie commericals anytime soon, I’m going to keep wearing my bird necklace.  It makes me feel free and beautiful and that’s exactly how a piece of jewelry should alwas make you feel.


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