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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang January 9, 2010

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Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson

Tis the season for resolutions, recreations, and renovations.  The easiest way to a new you?  Bangs.  They are easier and less commitment than an entirely new haircut.  What if you get them and hate them?  Worst case scenario, skip the Bump-Its and bobby pin your bangs into a pouf to give your style a lift.



My favorite look?  Long, blunt bangs just like Rachel Bilson’s.  These are perfect for fine, straight, or wavy hair.  They actually make my fine hair look a lot fuller.  I got my bangs cut just like this over the summer (I get bored with my hair a lot) and I thought I’d get tired of them right away too and grow them out immediately.

To my surprise, I love them and I’ve kept them for 7 months now.  My hairdresser says she’s had people ask for my bangs when they see me in the salon and she wants to get her own cut like this.





The perfect length hits between your eyebrows and your eyelids, the elusive area known as your brow bone.  Since your bangs will only be this perfect length for about 3 days, I’ve found a lot of great shortcuts.


If my bangs are a little on the short side, I skip the round brush and use a straightener to avoid excessive puffiness.  Once they get too long, I sweep them off to the side to avoid the shaggy dog look.
Bangs are the best way to make your haircut more versatile.  You can pin them to the side, straight back, in a twist, or in a pouf.

If you still need a little inspiration, check out the Plasticines’ video for Barcelona.  In addition to discovering your new favorite song, you will want bangs and a set of Bump-Its immediately.


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