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Style Magicians January 9, 2010

Filed under: Best of,Fashion — ritzbrits @ 4:39 pm

When I say J Crew, you think beautiful basics for work, and casual pieces that are perfect for a weekend in the Hamptons, or a photoshoot on a yacht, right?  I think J Crew’s treasure is really its stylists.  I would love to meet the amazing team of stylists who put together the catalog looks.  They can turn the most simple pair of khaki trousers into a gorgeous, unique look.

I think the secret is layering.  Piling on the pieces lets you mix and match colors, textures, and silhouettes to achieve something out of the ordinary.  My mom and I were discussing how practical their creations are for real life.  I decided you’d have to live in a cold climate to achieve the kind of layering done in the catalogs.  However, I would gladly strut around town looking like I just stepped out of a catalog any day.  The J Crew stylists are style magicians.

J Crew


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