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Investment Piece: Nude Pumps December 18, 2009

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Banana Republic Jackie PumpNine West RochaOne of the best accessories I’ve bought this year was a pair of nude pumps (Banana Republic, left).  My second choice was the Nine West Rocha, right.  They go with EVERYTHING, and I actually mean it.  That bright skirt you can’t match shoes to?  Nude pumps.  Tired of choosing between black and brown?  Nude pumps.  Transitioning from college sweatshirts to business casual?  Nude pumps.  The black printed flapper dress (don’t laugh) that I bought and didn’t look right with anything else?  Nude pumps.  They have revolutionized my wardrobe.  Sophisticated and elegant, appropriate for work or a night out, jeans or a dress.  They make your legs look a mile long.  I promise you, you will find that these go with every piece of clothing in your closet.