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Music Bliss January 17, 2010

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Kate VoegeleWhat happens when your favorite singer covers your favorite band of all time?  I believe its known as Music Bliss.  I experienced this phenomenon when Kate Voegele released her cover of Muse’s Starlight on her iTunes live session last week.

I am usually not a celebrity stalker, but I’ve been a fan of One Tree Hill since the first episode.  I’ve reached that point where I refer to the characters by their first names and talk about them like we’re friends.  I will shamelessly admit that my roommate and I followed Kate Voegele around Florida for a weekend, and watched her perform live two nights in a row, in Orlando and St. Pete.  Unlike most singers, she’s even better live.  I actually got to meet her, and I babbled like a starstruck 14 year old.  (She said she liked my shirt!)  It was, without a doubt, the best weekend of our lives.  Muse

My brother introduced me to Muse, and for that I will be forever grateful.  We’ve almost worn out both our copies of The Resistance and we’re still not tired of it.  We’ve never seen Muse live, but we’ve decided we will gladly pay an arm and a leg to see them next time they come.I would also like to add that Supermassive Black Hole is my favorite song of all time.  Seriously, do you not feel cooler after listening to that song?  I wish I could have that song playing every time I walk into a room in slow motion with a wind machine pointed at me.  (Since that happens a lot…)

Needless to say, you can only imagine my excitement when I listened to Kate Voegele’s version of Starlight.  Go listen to it.  You can thank me later.